Why a Bass Boat?

Everyone Else is Boarding These Really Cool Boats!

If you’re a pleasure boater, you’re going to want to be boarding a pontoon, cuddy-cabin or speed boat when you get to the ramp. If you’re there for fishing, you need either a center console or a bass boat. And, if you’re going with a bass boat, you don’t have to use it to exclusively fish for bass. Out of ten trips, I probably use my bass boat for exclusive bass fishing once or twice.

My Modified Bass Boat

When I bought my bass boat, it was set up as a standard bass boat. Casting deck in front, casting deck in back, forward and rear fishing seats. A bench seat was all the driving/passenger seating it had. I removed the bench, added three single seats, added two sets of rod holders, an anchor and a cooler which doubles as an extra seat. I also added a bimini top because I wasn’t about to be unshaded in the hot, North Carolina summers! I basically turned my bass boat into a fishing boat.

So, Why A Bass Boat?

Someone once told me a story about fishing at “The Canyons” off of North Carolina in their beautiful, big Center Console boat. Apparently, there was an area that was particularly crowded with fish and, therefore, crowded with fishing boats. As they sit there, reeling in fish after fish, every single boat stopped fishing, completely stunned. Sliding in between two much larger fishing boats was an older couple in, you guessed it, a 19′ Bass Boat! The stunned silence of these fishermen was palpable. The couple enjoyed some nice fishing time and headed on their way after about two hours (I seriously have no idea how they had enough fuel to make the trip so maybe this is just an urban legend). While I certainly DO NOT advocate taking your bass boat deep sea fishing, I can personally attest to the fact that a bass boat can handle plenty of water without an issue.

How it Looked When I Bought It

First bass boat before modifications
In my driveway. That trailer is looking ROUGH!
Starting the modifications on my bass and fishing boat
Outside of the water bottle, what you see here is all the junk that was pulled out of the various storage compartments and the livewells.
Steering wheel of first bass boat | Replacing the steering wheel
This steering wheel is a tetanus risk!

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