Bass Fishing

I Do Love to Go Bass Fishing

I know I’ve said, in a previous blog post, that I don’t focus on Bass Fishing often. That doesn’t mean I don’t love to do it!

A Confession

I’ve been fishing for nearly 50 years. I’ve caught literally everything you can imagine. I’ve caught Shark, Tuna, Weakfish (held the NYS record), etc, etc, etc… I have, in my lifetime of fishing, however, caught ONE Bass. One…

Try As I Might…

I’ve tried for Striped, Largemouth, Smallmouth, and just about every kind of Bass Fishing one could possibly imagine. I’ve tried from shore, from a boat (is this 

Dad With Bass
My Dad With His Striped Bass C. 1966

starting to sound like Dr. Seuss?). I just have not had any luck! My father had a 36″ Striped Bass under his belt. Me? Nothing.

My One Striped Bass

I’m almost embarrassed to relay this story but I must. Where my father and I used to fish was accessible only by 4-Wheel drive. Remember, this was in the days before everyone had 4WD. It was a jetty on Long Island, New York that was locally known as the “Sore Thumb”. On one side of the Sore Thumb was the Atlantic Ocean. On the other, the Long Island Sound. Often, we would fish for baby bluefish on the Sound side, hook them up and cast them as bait on the Ocean side. One day, I was bait fishing, casting a Hopkins lure and picking up a few baby bluefish or, as we called them in New York, “Snappers”. My rod was a light action seven footer. Suddenly, that rod damn near bent in half. My thought was that I’d hooked into a larger bluefish. I fought that fish and managed to get it to shore. It was a juvenile striped bass! I wasn’t Bass Fishing but I’d just caught my first Bass! That, however, was sometime around 1981 and I have yet to hook another. I’ve tried lures, live bait, every method recommended by every source I could go to and nothing. 

The Point of This Bass Fishing Story

Is there a fish or type of fish that has eluded you? DO NOT give up! Try different areas, try different baits, different methods. The Weakfish I caught that was registered as a New York State record was caught on a squid strip dropping my line into a deep hole that I knew of off the point of the Sore Thumb. I was alone on the end of that jetty that day. Everyone else was fishing the sides because the drift was “too strong” off the end. Something just told me they were wrong and I went with my instincts. Follow YOUR instincts. Listen to what your gut tells you. If it happens to be completely different from what everyone else is doing, go with it anyway. This is not a sport of copying. Every single angler has their own way. Make your own way and stick to it. Create your own fishing experience. I can guarantee you one thing. Someday, I’m going to hook into a Bass and I’m going to shout from the mountaintops that I have finally conquered my Moby Dick. 

Tight Lines, My Friends!

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