A Bad Day Of Fishing

Can There Be a Bad Day of Fishing?

We’ve all heard the phrase “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work”. I totally agree with that statement but what if you could make the bad days fishing a little better?

What is a Bad Day of Fishing

This was a bad day of fishing until it wasn't
Clouds and Rain Rolling In!

In a previous post, I mentioned the term “getting skunked“. In other words, going the whole day without so much as a bite.Maybe the weather wasn’t great, the water flow a little rough, the conditions, overall, less than ideal. That is the very definition of a “bad day of fishing” but that is also the day that you can forget the norm and try something completely out of the ordinary!

A Short, Improving a Bad Day of Fishing Story

Back in my earlier fishing days, I was on the jetty with my Dad and the usual cast of characters. The weather was raw. A light mist was falling and the temperatures were in the upper 60’s. A steady but light wind blew across the jetty. The primary activity for everyone else was hanging out around their trucks, drinking coffee and solving all the world’s problems. Everyone except me. Not one soul was catching a thing, not even a nibble. It was early Summer and the bluefish bite was ramping up. I was determined to get me one that day. Everyone else was casting Hopkins Lures and getting zero interest. I decided to try some bait fishing.

When Different Pays Off

I rigged up an 18″ steel leader and slapped on a piece of cut squid,  put the rod in the rod holder on the front of the truck and set the drag. I stayed close to the rod, eliminating myself from the ongoing conversation on the jetty. I stood there, alone, for about 20 minutes. Just when I was starting to consider reeling in to “check my bait”, I heard the “tick, tick, tick” of the drag. Something was interested. As I turned to start to pick up the rod, the line suddenly started peeling off and the fight was on! After a lengthy battle, I landed a 25 pound bluefish! The jetty faithful were awed. Hell, I was awed. That was the only fish caught from that jetty that day and I became a jetty legend. A big fish in a little pond, if you will.

What I Learned That Day

More than anything, the lesson I learned that day on the jetty was that conventional thinking just does not apply to fishing. If everyone else is using a lizard to bass fish and having marginal to no luck, try a drop shot. If everyone else is jigging for trout with no luck, try shrimp. Listen to your gut. If you turn out to be totally wrong and get skunked anyway, you’ve increased your education and know what  not to do next time. Besides, there really IS no such thing as a bad day fishing!


Tight Lines, My Friends!

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