Crappie Fishing

Crappie Are a Ton of Fun!

Want to just go out, have fun and possibly bring in fish after fish? Crappie fishing is just the ticket!

Where to Find Crappie

At this time of year (Spring), the crappie are spawning and you can find them mainly in the shallows and around structure. Look for shallow water near the bank that has a more solid bottom such as rock or packed dirt. As for structure, think in terms of hunting bass. Around docks, bridges, trees or rock formations is where you’ll have the best chance of finding crappie.

Crappie Aren’t Just Around Structure Though!

In addition to finding crappie around structure, as Spring wears on, crappie will

Black Crappie
A Black Crappie

also be found in open water up to 20 feet. The key here is to use your fish finder to determine their location and depth. 

What to Fish for Crappie With

For the early Spring, I recommend a small, insect-like spinner bait such as the ones linked here. Work them

White Crappie
A More Common White Crappie

slowly but steadily and vary your retrieve to find just the right speed. If the crappie are there, they won’t be able to resist! Also, as a side effect, you could end up picking up a bass or two.

Live Bait for Crappie

Crappie aren’t very particular when it comes to their live bait choices. Worms, shrimp, grubs, etc… but the best is minnows. If using live bait, use about a 12-18″ leader and a bobber. That’s right, I said a BOBBER! Just like when you were a little kid. Find the school of crappie and you’ll be watching that bobber get pulled under time after time. I suggest a #4 hook for most crappie fishing with live bait.

Gear for Your Crappie Fishing Trip

I suggest light tackle for crappie fishing. A light action rod like this one is perfect with a light weight spinning reel for live bait or a good, lightweight bait caster for spinner baits. Four to Six pound test line is perfect.

Get Out There and Catch Some Crappie!

With the light tackle and the abundance of Crappie, you can have a great day out on the water! Also, crappie are an excellent tasting fish! Try my recipe for Beer Batter Crappie.

Tight Lines, My Friends!


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