A Fish By Any Other Name…

Fish Are Called Different Things Depending on Where You Live

I’m a Northern transplant living in North Carolina. A “Damn Yankee” if you will. But until I got here, I had no idea that fish were called by different names based on where you’re catching them!

Some Examples of the Differing Names

Until I moved to North Carolina, this fish:

Striped Bass or Rockfish
One Fish, Two Fish, Striped Bass, Rock Fish??

Was always known to me as a Striped Bass. Here in North Carolina, although anglers will know what you’re talking about if you say “Striped Bass”, they are known as “Rockfish”. On the West Coast, Rock Fish describe 5 or 6 different type of fish and not one of them is a Striped Bass. “Summer Flounder” are known as “Fluke” in New York. The fish for which I once held a New York State record was known there as a “Weakfish”. Here in North Carolina, that same fish would probably be known as a “Sea Trout”. Sometimes, even the pronunciations are different. A “Crappie” is called “Croppie” by some. No matter how you say it, experienced anglers will know what you’re talking about.

It’s Important to Know What Fish You’re Catching

Fish identification is important to insure that you’re meeting the laws and regulations of the area. Fortunately, most Wildlife Commissions will have more than one description on their websites for each fish, accompanied by a photo. However, photo identification can be a little uncertain. My recommendation is the app called “Fish Rules”. It’s available for Android and iOS HERE This app will give you the fishing regulations for the specific area that you’re fishing and identifies fish with photos. And it’s FREE!

Use the Knowledge Available to You

Anglers and boaters tend to be a friendly group. If you’re new to a place and need to know some info on what local fish are available, just ask! Most anglers won’t reveal their “honey holes’ but they’ll most certainly provide you with a wealth of other information. Funny thing there, Anglers and Boaters like to talk about Angling and Boating! You’ll make a new friend and gain some local knowledge. Everyone wins!

Tight Lines, My Friends!

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