Get Ready For Spring Boating!

Spring Boating and Fishing is Here

In some places, early Spring is still too cold for boating and fishing. In others, it’s the beginning of prime time! Either way, it’s definitely time to start thinking about getting the boat ready for its first launch of the season.


For starters, if you winterized your boat, it’s time to get the prep started by de-winterizing. If you live in an area where there is little chance of freezing temperatures after March 21, you can safely de-winterize. For those of you who live in somewhat colder climates, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until you’re out of

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the frost “danger zone”. Fortunately, de-winterizing is pretty easy so it can be the first or last thing you do to get the boat ready.

Check For Damage or Needed Repairs

Especially if you kept your boat outdoors all winter, inspect your boat for any possible damage that the weather might have done. Something as simple as a bad smell when you take the cover off could be a sign of a larger issue. If your boat was outside, you’ll need to check all the storage areas and hatches thoroughly to insure no critters have moved in. Also, look for areas of mold or mildew. If these things exist, clean them thoroughly and consider a new or better cover for next off-season. This is also the time to perform any of those repairs that you swore you were going to get done in the off-season but never got around to.

Check Your Boat Supplies

Now is the time to re-load your boat with all the things that you’ll need for the season. Check Personal Flotation Devices to insure they’re still in good condition. Are the batteries charged? Is that spare prop still aboard? First Aid Kit? Check all these things or just have a Coast Guard Vessel Safety Check¬†performed.

A Few Last Things

Gas the boat up and give it a start in the driveway with muffs. Let it warm up and be sure it’s running well. Inspect the trailer and check the tires and hubs for wear and inflation. Wipe down your seats with a good vinyl protectant. Check your hitch for any cracks or extreme rust and you’re set! Get that boat to the ramp and, before you launch, CHECK THAT THE PLUG IS IN!

Tight Lines, My Friends!


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