Welcome to Fishing Season 2019

Another Fishing Season is Upon Us!

As the 2019 fishing season starts in earnest (yes, I know some of you never have an “off-season”) it’s also time to think about if you’re ready for your season. Have everything you need to get out there and fish without a hitch? Let’s talk about that.

Getting Ready for the Season

What are the important things to consider at the beginning of this season? Here’s at least a partial list:

  • Have you renewed or acquired your fishing license? If you haven’t, you can go HERE to get it. Nothing can ruin a fishing trip/season than getting caught fishing without a license!
  • Pull out the fishing rods and look over every eye. If there is pitting or damage
    2019 Fishing Season
    Open up your fishing season with a smooth first trip

    ┬áto the rod eyes, it might be time for a newFishing Rods“> fishing rod.

  • Replace the line on your reels. Even if you haven’t used it much, replacing the line is a cheap way to avoid hassle and lost fish.
  • Go through your lures and baits to insure that you have everything on hand to go after the desired prey. It’s a disappointing moment when you get out on the boat and discover that the fish are taking topwater lures only to find out that you don’t have any aboard.
  • Of course, checking your boat is of great importance and you can find a post about that HERE

One Last Thing…

Before you get out on the water or to the bank, give your rods & reels a good cleaning. If you’re going saltwater fishing, repeat that when you get home from your trip. Don’t lose fish just because you have sandy grit in your reel that causes gear slippage!

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