Working on the Night Moves – Night Fishing

Night Fishing is Productive and Fun!

Going night fishing can be some of the best fishing you can do. Adding some or all of the tips below can make it even more productive.

Night Fishing Tips & Tricks

If you’re going to head out in the dark, these tips & tricks can help make your fishing trip more fun:

  • Search for a lit structure to fish under. You may or may not have noticed but bait fish, and by extension predators, will migrate towards the light at night. These structures (bridges, overpasses, etc…) can be the perfect spot to find the fish.
  • Add some light of your own. Using a submersible fishing light can add some attractiveness to your bait. I suggest a green light.
  • Get your bait on the edge of the area of light. The light itself will attract the bait fish right into it. The predators, in other words the fish you want to catch, will generally sit at the edge of the light patiently waiting to capture the
    Night Fishing
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    incoming bait fish and, hopefully, your bait.

  • Create “good vibrations”. Use either live bait or a lure that creates vibrations. The fish will zero in on that vibration and, when combined with the light, will have a better sense of when and where to strike.
  • Chum, chum, chum. Lay down a chum line or chunk. Basically, feed the fish! In freshwater, good choices are dry dog food, oatmeal, bread crumbs or one of the available freshwater chums. For saltwater, depending on the size and type of fish you’re seeking, “chunking” or casting off chunks of bait fish may be the way to go.
  • Of course, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t at least mention safety. Make sure your running lights are in good operating order, have a good head lamp and definitely wear your PFD. And get your USCG Vessel Safety Check

Tight Lines, My Friends!


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