Cut Bait for Catfish

Using Cut Bait for Catfish

Although many catfish anglers have a dedication to things like chicken livers and worms for their catfish bite, using cut bait can make a big difference in the catfish you boat or land.

Type of Cut Bait to Use

Bluegill, Shad, Skipjack, and Carp are all excellent fish to use for cut bait. These fish are quite oily and produce an odor that is attractive to catfish, especially larger catfish. The key is to use the right size bait for the catfish you’re targeting. Pretty simple equation there. For larger cats, use larger bait.

Cutting the Bait

Here is a pretty straight forward guide to cutting your catfish bait:

Cut-Bait-For-Catfish (1)

Baiting Your Rig

For smaller chunks, simply hook it once. For longer strips, feed your hook through and then hook it a second time, leaving the barb buried in the skin. There are several rig options and it is best to experiment with what works best in your area.

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