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Howdy! So, ya been “skunked” lately? Do you even know what “skunked” means? It’s when you go out on that long planned fishing trip, spend all day casting and waiting only to go home empty handed. Have you recently bought your first boat and had that startling realization that you don’t know a damn thing about boats? Yeah, me too to ALL of the above.

I’ve made every mistake in every book and now I want to share my experiences with you so maybe you won’t have it happen to you.

Nothing makes me happier than to see another fisherman successfully up their game!

So, Who is This “FishinFelix” Guy?

My name is Felix (Thanks, Captain Obvious) and I’ve been an avid fisherman since somewhere around 1970. I first learned about fishing from my Dad and, through the years, have fished many different beaches, lakes, rivers and ponds. However, I always did my fishing from the bank or beach. I’ve been on a few “Party Boats” and always done well but I’ve never owned my own boat.

For a short time in the early 80’s, I held the New York State record for the largest weakfish caught from shore at a little over 13 pounds. That record was beaten in a big way since as the current record for New York is 19.13 pounds! That record has stood since October 1984.

I’ve been up and down the East Coast but I’ve never been West of Illinois. One of my bucket list items is to go deep sea fishing in the Pacific. I would also love to explore the waters of the Colorado River and the Great Lakes. All in due time, I suppose.

I’ve lived and fished in New York, Pennsylvania and now North Carolina. Honestly, I have to say that the most diverse fishing and boating opportunities that I’ve had have come here in North Carolina with its wonderful lakes, rivers, bays and ocean access.

My Three Children – Chris, Jason, Alyssa and my Granddaughter Ava

I have three children, all self sustaining and none as interested in fishing as I am. My oldest and my middle child, Chris and Jason respectively, both live in Pennsylvania near Philly. My youngest, Alyssa, lives about an hour away from me in Roanoke Rapids, NC and has a daughter Ava and a son on the way, Kaleb. Unfortunately, due to two divorces and an inability to be in any of their lives as much as I would have loved to be, I was unable to share with them as much of my interests and hobbies as I would have liked. My full time fishing buddy is my best friend, Crystal.

Crystal and I Fresh Off The Carolina Princess Head Boat

Crystal and her husband recently had a baby so, for a while now, I’ve been a solo fisherman.

My stunningly beautiful and talented wife, Cindy, is many things but an angler isn’t one of them. She’s just not into it and that’s fine! She’s a nurse in the Cardiac Intermediate Unit at Vidant Hospital here in North Carolina.

Some time back, I purchased my first boat and a whole new world opened to me! Join me as I offer my fishing advice, yummy fish recipes, boating tips & tricks and much more! So, read on and let us begin our journey!

Felix the Catfish

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