A Fish By Any Other Name…

Fish Are Called Different Things Depending on Where You Live I’m a Northern transplant living in North Carolina. A “Damn Yankee” if you will. But until I got here, I had no idea that fish were called by different names based on where you’re catching them! Some Examples of the Differing Names Until I moved…

Crappie Fishing

Crappie Are a Ton of Fun! Want to just go out, have fun and possibly bring in fish after fish? Crappie fishing is just the ticket! Where to Find Crappie At this time of year (Spring), the crappie are spawning and you can find them mainly in the shallows and around structure. Look for shallow…

A Bad Day Of Fishing

We’ve all heard the phrase “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work”. I totally agree with that statement but what if you could make the bad days fishing a little better?

Keeping Your Boating Costs Down

Boat Ownership Doesn’t Have to be Expensive I’ve heard the phrase “A boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into”. Maybe you’ve all heard that too? But I’m here to tell you that boat ownership doesn’t have to be that way! Boat Ownership on the Cheap Maybe some of you have…

Bass Fishing

I know I’ve said, in a previous blog post, that I don’t focus on Bass Fishing often. That doesn’t mean I don’t love to do it!

Find Your Way Home

Find the place that you’re going to launch out of most of the time. You won’t regret having a “home ramp”!

Spring Bass Fishing – Why Catch & Release is So Important

It’s All About the Time of Year Bass are spawning and sitting on their spawning beds Between Mid-April and Mid-May. If they’re not there to tend to their roe (eggs) or fry (newborns), the bluegill and any number of other predators will eat them! Spring Bass Fishing requires special care.     How to Catch…

Why a Bass Boat?

If you’re a pleasure boater, you’re going to want to be boarding a pontoon, cuddy-cabin or speed boat when you get to the ramp. If you’re there for fishing, you need either a center console or a bass boat. And, if you’re going with a bass boat, you don’t have to use it to exclusively fish for bass,

Don’t Let My First Boat Purchase Disaster Happen To You!

After my experience with the Jon Boat, I decided I needed a “real” boat. Something that was more solid in the water and from which I could more comfortably fish. I listed the Jon Boat for sale and proceeded to look for my new dream boat.